17 October 2006

Kind of like water toture

It was late. I'd been in the office since before the sun cracked her heavy-lidded eyes over the horizon. If yesterday were a broad, she woulda still been wearing her make-up from the night before that morning when I went to work. I went to collapse into bed in my rooms, hoping that tonight would be one of those nights when that same dream didn't come creeping in through the upstairs window. Just when I started the slow waltz with Princess of Night, in comes a sound to chill the hardest man to the bone. It started innocently enough, a knock, a greeting and a cheerful click of bottles. Then it happened. Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News. I was frozen, braced for the worst. Just as well, because worse was coming. Our House. Madness. I put in extra strength earplugs. They didn't block out the horror completely. Oh god, please.. You Can Call Me Al. Paul. Simon. Noooooooo..

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J said...

Oh that is just AWFUL. Maybe you could buy them a depeche mode, duran duran or bronski beat CD just so you don't have to slit your wrists every time their music comes on. 80's retro is bad enough, but why play all the absolute worst of the era to boot?