17 October 2006


Hi team, thanks to those of you checking in regularly. After a very slow start to last week, things have picked up on the consultancy front with a job that was going to be Thursday/Friday stretching out to Sat and Monday too. Lovely. Just be nice if they paid, now. And that last invoice would be handy, too.

To keep you amused, in lieu of any original writing on my behalf - here are the notes from a recent boozy discussion on how to spot fake boobs. (A common passtime in my neck of the woods)
  • A bony rib-cage then a round globe majestically rising out and up over the neckline
  • Boobies that stay 'saluting the sun' when a lovely lady lies on her back on the beach
  • The seemingly magic 2 half-melons of "inner cleavage"- the part between the breasts with no visible support
  • Something about the way they move when jogging - that was from a local guy - I don't really get it though.
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1 comment:

Betty Sue said...

You forgot skin that looks tight and stretched and uncomfortable and slightly shiny rather than typical soft matt boobie skin.