28 September 2006

Famous sydney hugger

As described on this blog a couple of years back, Juan Mann is now internationally famous after his clip has appeared on the YouTube front page. Can't find the buzz and words original link, but weirdly, I saw him today in Pitt St Mall and clearly with the SMH cameras there too.


wideyedkid said...

awww that totally warmed my ice cold heart :-)

... and Gylfi just brought me a freshly killed rat - free hug!

Bsharp said...

Hello miss WEK! Good to see you dropping by, love. It was a nice video, wasn't it. The greatest thing is noone has seemed to say anything else about the guy - who he is, why he has from time to time offered free hugs in the mall over 2 years! Like, did it start at theatre? is he just a well meaning kook with a zen-like belief in spreading peace? No idea.