18 September 2006

Two bits of good news

{...especially for Bizarro}

1. I found your "Carajo!" CD. Well actually, Dad found it. Yay.

2. There was in actual fact a pretty woman with a Euro accent wearing a bikini and studying on the roof this very morning. Mind you, there are 100 more women wearning bikinis right outside the window also. On second thoughts maybe this isn't really such good news, just at this moment.

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Max Volume said...

Hello Ms Sharp

I am technologically illiterate so I have no idea why your RSS link wouldn't work (or what it is even).

Mateship is no more less present over here in the US of A from what I can see :) It seems that people make these sweeping assumptions based not on our national culture but on the individual actions they see around them. It is how we behave as a whole that defines us a nation, not when people are nice to someone on an individual level. It is embarassing how much of our "culture" is just appropriated tripe... Still having a great time and extending my stay in NEw York until Saturday.

I have already started planning Burning Man 07, very pleased you will be there !! Oh and the theme is Green human - the environment, whuch just clinches the deal really!

See you soon lovely

Max Volume