22 September 2006

And another thing

Shout outs to Miss Max Volume who is schlepping her way around the States, soaking up cultcha on both sides of the coast from hippies to preppies - and writing Haiku about it. As you do.

On the B front - the sea is an amazing glass-like blue today, looking inviting. Yesterday was one of those days to acutally hit "send" on a media release, and some print things, and wear the consequences. Not my favourite part of being in promotions, but kind of important. Yesterday was also the day or submitting the last of a series of reports from a huge pile of data, then wrapping up my bleeding stumps that were once fingers, hoping they would grow back soon. Ah the life of a consultant - I guess I should have factored in writing about residents' lack of sports grounds and their worries about migrant integration until midnight every night for a week.

But just to share a wee secret - its still worth it when people say "what do you do" to be able to reply "oh I work for myself actually".

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