12 September 2006

Back to butchers

I've been up to my eyeballs in butchers paper this last week. Flashbacks to last century when I was a timid young junior in a very new suit, drowning under a mountain of the stuff and wondering why I'd moved to Sydney to be a glorified copy typist. But those hours of transcribing what every stressed out community member said over a chicken drumstick at a dingy room in the town's Four Seasons was worth it. Its a bit like Karate Kid, with the wax-on wax-off, you don't understand what you're doing at the time, but later when you have to think quickly in a room full of people you realise the knack for synthesising ideas is just - there. So on Monday night I cracked out the coloured textas on my own free time to help out a bunch of vounteers do a plan. Then the rest of the week, I've been dumped with a huge mountain of write-ups done by some other poor junior sod to make sense of. By Friday. For money, which is good. I might put skype on later - will probably be around in computer land quite late the next few nights, and not posting for a while.

Meantime, to keep you amused, here's a new blog from my flaming curly-haired friend Bianca, who is currently in China - taking lots of great photos and writing stuff. There's a link on the sidebar too. She'll be in Buenos Aires in January - Mi Buenos Aires, Querido...

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El Bizarro said...

Wow, the curly-headed ones certainly have an interesting itenerary. But as you can plainly see my dear, we aren't the only international vagabonds to travel in circles.

Hmmm, maybe our next around the world should follow a similar route, don't you think darling.