5 September 2006

shot thru the heart..

Bon Jovi song and real life underwater incident.I'm so un-Austrayian didn't know Mr Erwin had died until the day after when I was reading What's new Pussycat, a girl who blogs from Scotland, dammit!. Being killed by a sting ray really is just stupid.

The day it happened I heard people near me in the office responding out loud when they were sent an email, with thing like "Steve Irwin! What this about?", and I even heard the word "sting-ray" but I just thought it was one of those dumb animations or mocked up video that go round the net like like a nasty gastro bug. Sure he was a bit of a wally, but there's got to be people more deserving of a death from their profession than him.

Speaking of gastro bugs, went to see a kooky naturopath yesterday. Got Bowen therapy, stinky herbs, the whole shebang. As a (ahem) scientist, my natural inclination is suspicion when someone reckons they can "realign" your nervous system by jiggling a few pressure points. He was a very calm and trustworthy sort of bloke though, and didn't charge any extra for the Bowen business. And I realised just now that I paid far more for an ultrasound and a stomach x-ray about a year ago that revealed precisely zippo wrong with the old digestive tract, and didn't actually do anything to make the random, very real, pain go away. So what they hey, if the herbs help I'm all for it. Apparently I have a very emotional liver. Or the liver responds to emotion. Or something. And craving pickled food says something about weak digestion. And one doesn't necessarily have to suffer pain or freakouts with one's period, oh no ladies, period pain is actually not natural at all. While the man spoke some sense, I did have to stifle a large snort at that one, though, having experienced that dull thudding ache from the very first time. Which was about 16 years ago, mind you. But bugger me, if he can make it go away and fix my unruly stomach - I say bring it on!


Betty Sue said...

What I found interesting about the Irwin thing was that Colin Thiele, also committed conservationist and major contributor to the national canon, died the same day and hardly got a murmur.

I don't mind a bit of naturopathy, though I did dump mine when she started along the lines of "Hmmm, the herbs are making some improvement in your acne but not knocking it on the head completely, I think we may have to try crystals"
Sorry lady, this gal did geology in highschool and knows that the 'mystical' properties of cyrstals are in fact, nothing but an arrangement of atoms.

J said...

Hey glad you saw the dude re belly probe B. Would be great if he could fix up the cramps bizzo at teh same time huh? You get such doozies.