26 July 2006

Pass me the capers

So while I am temporarily a solitary lady of leisure* (except when I'm frantically tapping away to meet a deadline of my own making) I can eat all the salty, stinky, spicy, pickled food I want! Its no wonder that I nearly gave myself an ulcer about a year ago with all the brine and vinegar and Chili I consume when left to my own devices. When you're in the flat all day, and you do shopping whenever you feel like it, meal breaks comprise of whatever you darn feel like at that moment. For dinner I had a base of tinned tuna on bread, the lemon cracked pepper kind, and topped it with fetta and hmm, what else.. ooh.. pesto out of the jar... flavoursome - yes indeedy! Other faves are Polski Orgorski pickles, hot salami straight from the packet, bitey olives, and capers with everything. I can hear Miss J yawing at all this, she who is well used to the freedom of the self-managed kitchen. Other ladies like icecream but not me ! Pass the dolmades.

Oh and maybe they are friendlier here by the sea.. but its reasonable to decline to tell the boy who makes your coffee in the morning exactly *which* apartment you're in, isn't it?. Especially when he can see the building from his workplace. I mean he's only made my coffee twice. That's not just inner west paranoia, its common city cageyness.

*Mr Biz is off wearing the white good guys' outfit again for a bit. And he doesn't like some of the more, er, pungent of my culinary tastes.


Betty Sue said...

'caper' is one of those words which has two meanings that are almost mutually exclusive...

BSharp said...

haha. I like to caper with a lot of things too.