29 July 2006

I'd rather be alone

..insert overblown Za Za Gabor germanic accent here . . . than participate in a 10 minute conversation about leg waxing. Thats what the two women at the adjacent beach-side table next to me talked about for a good solid 10 minutes this morning. Frequency, comparison to laser (doesn't work apparently), and pain management tips. Pop a couple of neurofen before you go was the independently verified conclusion. Right, insert synthetic chemical at one end to mitigate pain of follicles being yanked at the other end - to meet a western male paradigm of beauty. Nice.

But then I guess I'm happy to spend a few minutes blogging about it. Just as shallow, but with no friend to share it. Oh, for the record, I shaved 'em last night - there's no moral high ground over here - just a cranky conversation censor.

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