21 July 2006

We have a winner

Regina Sutton has pipped Bec and Leyton Hewitt for the most searches that brought up this humble blog. Go Regina! Probably all those nervous nellies at the State Library googling away down in the stacks, now that they have a kick-ass, IT savvy new boss.


ITSavvyLibrarian said...

I've got news for you BSharp. Librarians were and still are "kick-ass, IT savvy" long, long before Regina!

Your view about librarians is out-of-date and very sterotyped. Why don't you open you eyes!

BSharp said...

How very excting - someone I don't know posting here! Helloooo librarian person. I'm sorry to come across as stereotyped, .. was just having fun because the initial article about the new State Librarian tried to play up a bit of an "angle" on it. I love libranians! I was born to one! I was minded by them! My dear old Ma even set up a very early networked computer catalogue. I know youse all can find your way round net faster than just about anyone... Rock on libraries.