11 July 2006

Librarians set to take over the world

I was reading about the new State Librarian, Regina Sutton, in the weekend paper. Apparently, there's been a bit of whispering around the stacks that she can't do the job, because she hasn't been a certified member of the pencil-skirt-and-horn-rims-wearing profession. However, she has been an exec at IBM and Kodak - and a bit of a whiz in the area of electronic imaging. The library is actually well on the road to taking its massive collection, including documents on the discovery of Australia and the Pacific to the whole world, via the internet. According to their media release the collection contains over 5 million items including photographs, manuscripts, journals, maps and books and is valued at $1.9 billion. While the physical copies may be locked in temperature controlled sarcophagi, the copies on-line can be zapped into anyone's loungeroom. Woohee. Information wants to be free.

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