19 July 2006

Seaside dreams

Well I guess my coastal abode is only temporary luxury, according to the report in today's Herald about the latest UN report into climate effects.
"Australia was already experiencing the effects of climate change and a sea-level rise was "virtually certain" to cause greater coastal inundation, erosion and salt-water intrusion into freshwater sources as well as damage to infrastructure and coastal resources, the report said
Meanwhile our flat is being buffeted by a series of squalls and storms. The rain gets thrown against the windows in rythymic bursts, as the wind seems to cycle round the bowl of the ocean and the cliffs. At night its a little like being under the ocean, as you can hear the waves crashing in time. The night before last I dreamed I was helping a dolphin give birth. She was on a human bed with sheets, on dry land, and writhing with the effort. It was a vivid experience of her grey, muscled form , larger than human-sized. When the baby was born it was having trouble breathing and the mother performed a kind of mouth to mouth. And in the same night, on the Northern beaches, a day old whale was stranded when separated from its mother.


meririsa said...

Freaky dream! I had one this morning - the first I've remembered in a while... you know how when you are sleeping and facing a window and you can feel the light on the back of your lids? When in this state, I often dream that I can't open my eyes because the glare is too bright. Had one of those dreams this morning.

BSharp said...

All my dreams seem to feature the ocean at the moment (not so strange, really). Although Biz reports that when he's sitting up late at the computer, I'm offen laughing and shouting away in my sleep.