5 July 2006

We call it RE-cy-cling

Its what we do to limit use of the earth's. finite. resources. I'm talking to you, Harvey Normal print section service dude. B: "Do you have recyled paper?" HN: That's not going to produce high quality prints. B: "But its my job to write about environmental issues, so I'm only going to get recycled." HN: Well it bleeds more than regular paper, I'm just explaining why its not very good for presentation printing. B: [more slowly this time] "So you don't stock any, then?" HN: No. B: "Ok, thanks, bye."

Also visited a shop called "Pepe's Papiere" they had two whole walls devoted to fancy A4 paper products. They had 3 aisles of journals, notebooks, photo albums, invitations, envelopes. Recycled? Nup.

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J said...

Goddess! Even my country town's one and only stationary shop had a ream of recycled when I last went in. I think when you finally get that paper you should fire off a few letters telling them to get their sorry asses into the 21st century...