5 July 2006

How to deal with an existential crisis

From Wikihow, some step-by-step instructions for facing the long, dark, teatime of the soul..
Turn on a light, preferably 75 watt or brighter
If necessary, clean whatever room you're in. Changing your surroundings for the better both clarifies your power over the world and gives you a few minutes to do some problem-solving on a less grandiose scale.

Imagine several *different* people you like or respect giving you advice. Don't pick anyone abusive. Or try Mr. Rogers, your first grade teacher, and that girl (boy) you had a crush on in 9th grade. They don't help very much, do they? But it's fun talking to them.
I knew a tidy house was the answer to a crisis of the meaning of existence. Also includes tips, warnings, and things you need, such as:
  • Freedom
  • Individuality
  • To know yourself
  • To know what it means to be human
This website contains other gems such as How to Deal with Being in Prison, How to Look Sexy when Naked (I assume not concurrently) and How to Audition for Americal Idol Without Making a Fool of Yourself. - "Don't be shticky, kooky or just plain insane. Showcase your beautiful voice, but keep the voices in your head quiet."


mermaidgrrrl said...

I think looking sexy naked in prison is a good thing to learn. Then you get to be Bubba's bitch and the others won't rape you in the shower any more. Now that's a life skill they didn't teach me at private school!

BSharp said...

heh heh, perhaps that's because you avoided the Catholic private school system.

meririsa said...

Must have a look at this Wikihow site... I knew when I get in a bad mood and start complaining about the mess I was on the right track.

J said...

there are some seriously odd how to's on this site - and many seem to be written by very authoratative 14 year olds. About a thousand of them are about how to flirt or ask some one out. Oh, not because I was looking...