21 July 2006

Efficient is sexy

Alt title, Whats the deal with Aussies and Big Cars?

With the fuel price currently tipping out at $1.50 a litre following the latest Middle East "instability", I thought my car-owning readers may appreciate a little background reading in popular Australian model car fuel economy. (Source: NRMA Motoring and Services)

Ford fairlane - 4.0L engine, takes 11.6 L to drive 100km.
It can accelerate from 0-100 in 9.1 s

Holden commodore - 3.8 L engine takes 10.6 L to drive 100km.
Accelerates 0-100 in 8.9 s

Honda CR-V - 2.4L engine takes 9.6L to drive 100km.
Accelerates 0-100 in 10.1 s

Toyota Yaris - 1.5L engine takes 6.1 L to drive 100 km.
Accelerates 0-100 in 10.7 s

So lets see, 2,000 km, at 1.50 a litre of petrol, in a Ford equals $348, while in the mighty Yaris (now available in auto) equals $244. Goodness me, when the western world starts going down the road of allocating a carbon allowance to each citizen, like has been proposed in Britain this week, this will be very useful information indeed! This community service brought to you by Aunty B eco-services Inc. I shall return to posting about dreams, period pain, and/or Hugh Jackman next time.


Betty Sue said...

And.... How often do you need to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h? Unless you are being chased by baddies in a bad B Grade movie, I suggest it is a failry useless piece of information. And anyway, is that 0.2 of a second going to save you if the pursuing baddies are also in one of the named brands?

PS - love the tidy-up in the sidebar!

Betty Sue said...

Also, can I just say, your efficiency is legendary, so you must be a very sexy beast! Brrrm Brrrm! :)

BSharp said...

Heh heh. It think the acceleration number is just to give potential consumers an idea of the brrrm-i-ness of the vehicle. How much it feels like you *could* take off if you so desired, when you really only have to accelerate fom 0-40 after the lights, like most Sydney driving. Aussies like that "go" feeling, generally.

meririsa said...

We only reluctantly gave up our Yaris (previously known as Echo) when we realised it would only fit a pram in the boot and nothing much else... we went for the smalled wagon we could find - the corolla wagon: still technically a small car with a 1.8L engine. Noticed in our car park that someone has got a Smart Car, but the sports car version. A teeny tiny 2 seater sports car, with 6.3L/100km.

BSharp said...

Miss risa, that is because your wee family are inner-ubran ECOWARRIORS.. rroaw!