24 September 2006

Point of clarification

Most of you know that for about two thirds of the year I live with a bloke. You may also know that we do a lot of talking. In private and in public. We talk about political systems, about environmental activism, about charity, about renewable energy, about lots of things. We rarely agree on any of these things, but I love having my boyfriend as an equal in a debate. We laughed long and hard after knowing each other for a couple of week about our repective blogs, and the dorky double life lived on online.

Anyway with that as a kind of disclaimer, I just wanted to point out something. That I respond to my compañero and his political ideas in text sometimes. And sometimes, I disagree with a theory, or a rant or a postulation. I put forward another way of looking at it, maybe a silly way, maybe one that tries to turn the topic inside out. It might look a bit like ridicule from a distance. It's not really. Its just the way I know how to love. To hear, to consider, to disagree, to opine, to continue the conversation. To engage. Te escucho, te contesto, te extraño.

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J said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of healthy public discussion. Couples who agree on everything are creepy and stepfordwivesesque anyway. You could create entirely fictitious arguments and use the public forum as performance art. Mr MiCool and I sometimes break into spontaneous ficticious couple banter in public places like bookshops - despite the fact that he dates boys and I'm single and we've never actually had a real life argument - just to see who laughs first.