2 August 2006

The problem is me

Solo living is a potential environmental time bomb according to the University College London.
Dr Jo Williams, UCL Bartlett School of Planning, said: "Current trends show that one-person households are growing more rapidly than other types of household. Previously, the typical one-person householder was the widow, often on a tight budget and thrifty. The rise in younger, wealthier one-person households is having an increasingly serious impact on the environment. But we have identified possible opportunities which arise out of the group's expansion and diversification.

"'Regretful loners', who are forced into living alone by circumstance, create demand for more collaborative lifestyles, such as more widespread co-housing schemes, where you have private space such as a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen but share some living and storage areas. It allows people to share household chores such as cooking; DIY and gardening; share goods such as tools; and consume less energy."
Beachside eco-village, bring it on!


Betty Sue said...

Aren't you an earthquake widow? :)

BSharp said...

I guess, and I'm certainly thrifty... and try not to take plastic bags at the shops.