26 August 2006

Gorgeous beautiful books

Be careful, you'll get hairy palms reading this. Ooh libriaries. Edit - if you tried the link on the weekend, I've updated it, now it goes to a site with actual pictures from the book.


mermaidgrrrl said...

I like books as much as the next person, but masturbating over libraries? That's a kink I haven't heard of before!

BSharp said...

Try again! I fixed the link to one with pretty photos.. tell me they're not sen.su.al.!! :-)
(I do have a partner several continents away though, perhaps my judgement is impaired)

Bizarro said...

ooh, can we go to the "REAL GABINETE PORTUGUES DE LEITURA RIO DE JANEIRO" the next time we're in Brazil.

Please, pretty please.