20 August 2006


Hi there. Sunday night catch-up time. I've had a pretty darn good week. On Saturday I commited one of the great faux-pas of modern life and turned up to a costume party, in costume while not really many other people were. And it was in a pub, not a private home, where we had to mingle with the hoi poloii after getting kicked off the deck area. But as I was ostensibly a gypsy (read: head scarf, eye makeup, hoop earrings, beaded hip scarf over black skirt and black top), it kind of passed for just boho. And after an initial discomfort.. you know what? Didn't care. That's being 30 for you.

Monday saw two meetings in a row with my favourite client. Design work is progressing to schedule, and the team seems pleased so far. Did my first week with 2 days in the city in an actual office (gasp! First time in a year, nearly to the day). You'll be pleased to know it wasn't too traumatic to re-adjust to the culure of quiet, airconditioning, water filter, and needing a code for the door. Bit like riding a bike (or wearing clothes, with er, darts). Mind you it was a grreat feeling to come back to the flat er, i mean, home office, crank on the Tori Amos and do the projects I'm in charge of in between days. Trakkie daks and Tori and breaks to go the laundromat and havea coffee in the sun - how could anyone work any other way? Tuesday night caught up with Johnno of world cup blog fame, in the classic ex-scholar blowing through for one-night-only style - always a pleasure.* Also had a lovely suprise visit from Miss J taking advantage of the fishbowl's relative proximity to the city to get some late night work done.

And just got back from a 2-night mountains sojourn, complete with a visit to a great couple moving back into their newly renovated cottage. Not a cottage anymore! Its got a cunning northfacing back rooms and deck to make the most of the winter sun and shade in summer, a 9,000 L water tank, cross ventilation, insulation, a no-electricity insulated cold store for use in winter (this is the Blue Mountains with sub-zero temperatures), and other tricky bits and pieces. And they have a funny new big- eyed baby to share it with! Aaw.

Just checked in with the folks darn sarth to tell them to bring their togs on their visit to the emerald city next week, the sun is amazing. The ocean here is warmer than ever recorded for this time of year, but not to worry I'm sure the annual fish migration and spawning will adapt to us messing with the East Australian current. Somehow.

And.. word of the week: Inveigle:
  1. To win over by coaxing, flattery, or artful talk.
  2. To obtain by cajolery: inveigled a free pass to museum
*that will make sense to a certain few who did a certain course in canberra in a certain year.

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