20 August 2006

Now it makes sense

Ah ha! Guitar boy replies about 8 weeks too late to my invitation to watch the football. Oh well, better late than never. Ok you're almost excused for the complete lack of any social contact on my last visit on grounds of a technology problem. There will be some drinks buying involved for total redemption though. Oh , yeh you can change your template to one that allows comments maybe?


mermaidgrrrl said...

Don't worry - he usually ignores my texts without having an excuse! Not a big communicator that boy.

Anonymous said...

Hi B Sharp,

He is absolutely hopeless! Private numbers are completely ignored and his voice messages take a couple of days to come through and even longer to be responded to. Next time you are in town give me a call. I will text you the number that way catch ups are guaranteed, I might actually get to meet the other half and we can repay you in all that alcohol.

Miss Ivy xxx

PS. It was nice to see you when you came even if it was very brief!

BSharp said...

Ah sweets, thanks. Its all cool, just stirring. That would be lovely. The other half is currently in Pakistan but I reckon we can make it down by the end of the year. He's doing his bit railing against, well, everything, over at Lowbagger World.