16 August 2006

Marketing sins

No you haven't just had six pints too many, no the acid you took 10 years ago isn't causing flashbacks. The urinal cake is actually talking to you. I completely fail to be excited about this new form of "interactive mens room marketing". Does that make me unsuited to being a promotions consultant?


Betty Sue said...

While I love the idea of literally pissing on an ad that annoys me, I have to say that things have gone too far. I shiver to contemplate the day when this technology is adapted to talking tampons. "Is that a disembodied voice in your pants, or are you just pleased to see me?"

And no, you aren't unsuited to being a promotions consultant. Are you really going to want to work for the sort of company that would want to use talking urinal cakes?

J said...

I think it could be used to much better effect as an interractive art piece / community service anouncement. The cake could say 'c'mon, you know you want to - ask her out!' or 'hey, dude, don't you think it's time to have a lemonade and then go home? After all it's a school night..'

Other than that I think it's gross. I don't want bus stops that tell me to buy things, or urinal cakes that tell me to buy things, or shoe laces that tell me to buy things, or giant cloud writing that tells me to buy things, or printed bags that tell me to buy things, or people who ring me to tell me to buy things or put colourful pictures in my letterbox to suggest that I might like to buy things. Really, don't people have something better to do withtheir time than make helpful suggestions about what i might like to buy????

Betty Sue said...

Maybe we need more helpful suggestions about things other than buying. Letterbox your neighbourhood with flyers saying things like "Hugging people is fun! Why not try it?" or "Ths flyer has been left blank for your creative input". Or you could distribute random chapters of your novel and tell people they need to knock on others' doors to discover the other chapters and find out what happens next.