4 August 2006

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Again, from my new favourite eye-patch wearing euro-denizen, momus, speaking as a self-proclaimed ex-satirist,
"Satire ties you in to your enemies, puts you on the same page as them. If I tied my intellectual agenda to the latest bomb explosion or military incursion, even to decry them and call for restraint (as if terrorists and generals would be listening, anyway!), I'd basically let hate and aggression come to dominate my worldview. And it's likely that, subconsciously, whatever my "high moral ground" position on these events would be, a little part of me would be secretly thrilled to be where the action is, and secretly delighted every time some spectacularly violent escalation took place, just as a satirist is when the people he attacks do something which shows them at their most ludicrous, hateful and stereotypical. "
Listening to: Door, door, the Boys Next Door
"Does a rain-dance, in my room, then assumes, the dive position"..... "hear the taps, fill the bath almost dark, in the dive position" " .. I sigh, to you, touch me, touch me, touch me."
Could I just love Nick Cave any more?

Most fucked up thing today - the quote from Human Services Minister Joe Hockey:
"We are a target, we always have been a target and we will be for a very long period of time."
I'm not going to link to the full article, in a teeny-tiny-almost-silent gesture of protest. He's talking about Australia here, in case I have any international visitors. I'm sure that there is an almost corresponding line in 1984, and don't really have the inclination to go hunting for it. Always have been... pardon? Always? What is a human services minister anyway? Is he the man I should talk to about the leaky toilet? About whether I'm getting enough, er, human servicing? I mean, really.

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Betty Sue said...

Dear Mr Hockey,
I am not getting enough human services. I promise to vote for your government if you can promise I will have hot smokin' sex every night of the week, cuddles every morning, and everyone I meet will be nice to me. Also I need you to ensure my bowels are regular.
SIncerely, Betty Sue

Dear Betty Sue,
The Howard government is committed to a user-pays model of hot smokin' sex. Our Hot Smokin' Sex Tax Rebate is payable to every tax payer who completes sub-form 2(A)-xi-q-23 and produces receipts for the aforementioned sex. Our plan to privatise the cuddle industry will encourage greater choice for cuddle consumers. People being nice is a remanant of a protectionist union-dominated socieitty that will disappear with the new WorkShite legislation. ASIO is monitoring your bowel movements for anything suspicious, so no need to worry.

Your's truly, Joe Hockey