31 August 2006


"A mat was where the cat had been sitting."
- The cat sat on the mat.

"Where the cat has been sitting, and will continue to sit, weather conditions permitting, is on the mat."
- On fine days, the cat sits on the mat.

"A legislative framework will be required to allow the cat to be able to sit on the mat, at the local, state or federal level."
- We need a law before the cat can sit on the mat.

I'm not resentful of convoluted writing these days. In fact if I can untangle it and help a few more people undertand the author's point, it makes me quite happy. If I could untangle all the world's confused and over-complicated manuals that would be just fine. So I've just been making up fantasy tutorials for technical writers to pass the time. That is one above. Hope you like it.

1 comment:

Betty Sue said...

Zee Chermans are past masters of the art.
"With a design that is conducive to sitting, the mat will nevertheless become a place on which sitting of the cat will take place"