26 June 2007

Hard- core?

Apparently not.

Online Dating

My rating is based on the frequency of the words "bomb" and "hell". So why didn't it pick up "motherfucker" and "bitch" and "priapic", I wonder?


J said...

Well my nice homely gingham curtain style blog got a N-17 (not under 17 years) so go figure! Aparently the use of the words 'fuck', 'hell', 'dead' and 'gay' pushed up my rating. Hmm, makes it sound like a bad post-apocolyptic goth graphic novel - is that really what my blog is like?

Max Volume said...

Oh, noone has ever given my blog a rating..... I want one, only because I sincerely hope that the rating is xxx, not much chance of that though. How do they choose the keywords to search for I wonder? Get some sensitive types in and see how much they react to naughty words?