3 July 2007

Phone tag

Someone left a message on my phone today that consisted of about 10 seconds of rather moody trumpet. It sounded like a guy blowing a tune in a bar in Cuba. No voice message or anything. It was quite soothing, so thanks, whoever that was.

In other news - about 6 big cartons packed only another million to go. I used the freecycle yahoo group for the first time yesterday - brilliant! Got a whole lot of keen beans who want to come to the flat to take my stuff away. Tops! Definitely lightning the load for the evil clean out on Saturday.

While I'm at it - does anyone want some things like:
an iron and table top ironing board
some teeny tiny saucepans (really for sauces!)
one of those sets of plastic office drawers for paper and such..

Let me know in comments. (you have to live in my town, dur)

1 comment:

Max Volume said...

Ooh ooh ooh. I need saucepans, the smaller the better, the only one I have is 8 litres... I will also take you paper drawer thingys off your hand! Awesome! See ya Sunday, good luck with the packing!
M xxx