16 July 2007

Weather or not

Its stormy today. This morning and yesterday morning there was thunder and a quiet downpour. Matty K described the thunder sounding like "boulders rolling down the train tracks", dgda,dgda,dgda,gd,gd,gd,d,d, - not like the massive ka-boom like in Sydney. Yesterday the rain cleared to allow a hot steamy sun to come through. At 5.30 pm we were sitting in the only beer garden in Amsterdam (apparently) enjoying the site of the sludgy brown canal and pasty white dutchies with their shirts off.

So this appears to be a very nanna-like post about the weather. Hm. What else can I tell you? I'm enjoying the way the Europeans make things to fit .. "just so".

The power points are recessed to the wall so the plug fits flush, my dishwasher and fridge are laminated on the outside just like the cupboards so the whole kitchen has one type of surface, the tap on the bath is marked in degrees centigrade - so you know exactly how hot that water is. (There's even a spot next to 38, ah).

From what I can see so far the Dutch like to neaten their social policies too, so that there is heaps of personal liberty - but within its proper boundaries. Smoke yourself stupid on weed of course, but you can only buy it in specially licensed shops and not on the street, please. Bonk as many prostitutes as you like, but they only work in one district, they are all licensed, paying full tax, and working strictly to rule. It's all ... just so.

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meririsa said...

Oooh - they have showers like that in Japan too. lovely!