12 July 2007

In the Dam

Made it everybody! Thanks for all the wonderful warm well wishes, sorry about leaving my toothbrush, Miss J (dur), and sorry and sad to leave you all, it still hasn't really sunk in yet that I'm here for more than just a few weeks. I guess it will when the ten thousand boxes arrive in a couple of months.

When I got to KL it was about 9 pm local time and I was due for about 1.5 hour wait before boarding the next plane. However , reading the boards showed that not only had my gate changed but that the flight was delayed until 7.30 the next morning! I couldn't quite believe it so I queued at the transfers desk and duly received a dinner voucher and a night's accommodation in the airport. A strange and spooky hour or so spent duty free shopping and eating a few dumplings when my body clock said it was about 1am but the airport was all bright, all the high class shops open and a lanky man was doing cigar rolling demos outside the Habanas shop.

Didn't sleep too well though as the air conditioning was set to arctic and I was just paranoid about missing the rescheduled plane. But nevertheless, more than 30 hours after setting out from Sydney I made to Schipol, and Mr B was there waiting.

So I'm in the new pad, it's lovely, there was a summer outdoor dance festival just outside the door last night! It's very much in the dead centre of the city, but I have trouble viewing amsterdam like any other city as most buildings are only 3 or 4 stories high. In the next few days the plans are to get all housey and domestic (bugger, that nice quilt cover might be 12 weeks away!) take a few photos of canals, work out some activities for the folks, and try not to think much about work.

Signing off, from the 'dam.


J said...

Yaaah! Congrats. A protracted arrival, but worth it to be there safe and sound. Happpy settling in!

The word verification as I type this is 'goitcy' which I take to mean 'Go City!' - surely a good sign for you in the dam, heralding much fun (or am I just into omens at the moment as I read the book you gave me?? :)

Betty Sue said...


I think J's omens may be highly subjective - it could also herald an iodine deficiency
Mine is ylmpnr
why lumpy, nrrr?
Why Lumpur, not Rangoon?

meririsa said...

Hey, Beesh!
Glad you made it safely!
See my upcoming post for Inner West capers, so you don't have to feel like you are far...