7 June 2007

Apec schmapec

Couple of things. John Quiggin has kindly posted his latest Financial Review article on his blog, talking about why it is stupid of Howard to try to put forward a Kyoto alternative to climate change at the APEC summit (Today dubbed a "Sydney Declaration", sheesh).
The idea of pursuing an ‘Australian solution’ independent of the rest of the world, is a dangerous fantasy. Unless we ratify Kyoto as soon as possible, and rejoin the international mainstream, we risk finding that the rest of world has reached an agreement without us.

Then, a nice little descriptions of how protesters were met by the "APEC security command" at the Shangri-la last night. They say:

We simply wanted to go there to make our point, but the police didn't want to let that happen - it was very intimidating behaviour," he said.

When we arrived the police presence was already overwhelming - they immediately tried to move us back, so there was no chance to have the protest.

They also shone very bright lights in everyone's eyes, presumably to take video footage.

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