14 June 2007

They're watching

I'd just like to say a cheery "hello!" to whoever has been dropping in from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade internet IP address. I can see you in web-stats, you know.

Just to clarify, when I said earlier that there was a "nice" little quote about the protesters getting harassed by the APEC strike force, I was using sarcasm. I didn't think it was nice at all. I thought it was sad, and more that a little worrying to see how our government is proud of its control over public assembly. I thought it was appalling to read about the forces taking video of the protesters, who were exercising their democratic right to disagree with public policy.

What are you doing over their reading narky blog posts on work time? I thought ASIO kept the dossier, sheesh. And if you're trawling for quotes by your Minister, well really, you should know better.

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