10 June 2007

BSharp's horrible no-good weekend

First, there was the insane stormy Friday. Tried to sleep through Thursday night with the rooftop door groaning and banging in gale force coastal winds because it has swollen in the rain and doesn't fit in the doorframe. Winds that beached a coal tanker in Newcastle. Battled on into town, thankfully to get a desk at the city office of large government agency that I am working for. Got drenched at lunchtime and one the way home, to meet up with MJS who had been diligently working away in the pad amidst windows rattling, water getting in the gaps and wind howling all day.

Saturday morning faced the Great Computer Crash of 2007. No internet, so server, no client files. nothing. Couldn't even get the keyboard to register key stokes on the monitor. Frantic calls to Mr Biz where it was 3am. Client who needs to submit massive report of which I am the editor, this weekend, still sending chapters, revisions etc. End up spending 3 hours in an internet cafe, doing revisions and edits alongside World of Warcraft and Myspace geeks. Car share booking extended and extended into the raining, pouring night. Decided to fill up car with petrol and return at 7.15 , as there had been no night time booking all afternoon. Walk home in howling wind.

Back home at night with coaching from Amsterdam, manage to get the server re-started and functionality of internet restored. Still no server, or client folders.

Sunday morning. Call from carshare- have to take bus to different car today, because the one booked for today has flat battery (not my fault). Find out GOT FINED FOR LAST NIGHT, as someone was waiting until 7.12pm, and operators couldn't reach Amsterdam number that is registered against our bookings. Meanwhile, chugging away on report, while intrepid sister is out and about in rank and violent weather conditions. Horrible, bad, no good weekend.

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Betty Sue said...

Awww, chicka. That sounds awful. Did you get it done, in the end?