5 June 2007

Round the world

My dear friend, Miss FiFi L'amour, just sent photos from China of her with the little girl they have gone over to adopt. Miss F and DR rockstar first officially put themselves forward to adopt three years ago. She had started on fertility treatment when she and her partner of nearly 10 years decided to ask the department of community services about adopting a baby from overseas. In this state, you apply for approval from our government first and then the overseas government. From early on you have to enter a "country" program - it's not just open to the whole world's children. In China some baby girls are abandoned who are raised in orphanages that have official adoption arrangement with Australia.

It has sounded like an extraordinary process with lots of preparation for the tough times as well as the joy of a new baby. Their little one is 15 months old, and I'm looking forward to meeting her when she gets here! And not just to expand the portfolio of critters who can call me Aunty B, honest. Miss F says, its been a long pregnancy - but at least she could keep drinking through it.

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