3 September 2007

Follow-ups, corrections

Just clicked on the side bar to check out if there were any new songs on the erstwhile Tim Minchin's website.* And lo! discovered it has been linked to the personal page of Tim Min this whole time. So sorry for all those frustrated fans out there rattling round the internet keening "where is Tim? ... where is Tim?".

And Meririsa - sorry for going quiet after such a tantalising hint of eco-news. Actually it was just that I realised I had pretty much summed up my point in that one sentence. In particular the Waitrose supermarket chain has made a very mainstream campaign of promoting food and meat that is produced locally. I think it's called "British Food". The deli section had a whole series of unmissable signs promoting salmon, beef etc. Not exactly earth shattering, but it's nice to see things swinging back to a more sustainable idea of what's good to eat, etc. Also I saw a big ad for Scottish beef in the tube station featuring a strapping young man in a kilt.

It just seemed the awareness about food and the environment and also labelling about additives had taken a step forward since my last visit. All the wine we drank clearly said "contains sulphites" on the bottle - I guess lots of people round the world get that stuffy nose thing from a a nice red.

*and check in on his news blog - another one of my imaginary husbands**.
** The corral is growing with recent additions of David Tennant. I hope they get along.

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