22 September 2007

Big ups to Madman Entertainment

Alternative title - last week I actually received my John Safran vs God dvd! Yay!

I ordered this in Sydney as surprise for Mr B, hoping it would arrive before the big move. It didn't but that was ok as I had an AusPost forwarding service in place. But after 8 weeks in the Dam it still hadn't arrive, so I emailed them politely asking if perhaps I should follow up with our mighty government postal service, thinking I'd probably never see it again and Madman had my money so why would they care.

But instead they sent a very speedy reply saying that they had actually delayed sending it, because it wasn't in stock missed the end of my forwarding by about a couple of days, and that the marketing manager had just promptly dispatched a second copy to my Amsterdam address. Without me having to ask! I nearly fell off my chair at the lack of hassle and red tape. So for all your cult dvds and hard-to-find SBS TV series, I highly recommend them. Do yourself a favour.

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