12 September 2007

bsharp in vunderland

There's a quote from Through the Looking Glass where the White Queen says "The rule is jam tomorrow, and jam yesterday, but never jam today".

I am finding the rain forecasts a little like that here. On Monday it was filthy drizzling on and off all day and the forecast was sun on Wednesday. Today it's overcast and threatening but the forecast is for sun tomorrow.

Sigh. More thrilling meterological updates coming soon.

Hey Sydney people - how's the city now that the barriers have come down? Are you watching The Chaser tonight and laughing your ass off? I've been reading the smh religiously, and couldn't help notice there was a long list of articles about barriers, planned protests, prevented protests, car towaways, traffic disruptions, bums against Bush and drizabone colour schemes that were very prominent. But you had to scroll aalll the way down to find scant information on what they were actually talking about. Seemed to be pandas mating, cheap imports from Indonesia, a chinese security pact (huh?) and a promise to do fuck all about rising greenhouse emissions. Did I miss something?


J said...

No that's what it seemed like to me. Thought it was just because I only read the paper while standing and waiting for the kettle to boil in the kitchen at work, and maybe had just missed that bit, but I thought the same thing. Maybe if they'd invested some of the energy spent making hyperbole about security in telling people what the actual point was, or, heaven forbid, asking for input, dialogue and increased awareness about these important issues - whatever they happened to be- then people wouldn't have seen it as such a monumental waste of time / intrustion/ beat up.

Max Volume said...

No you hit the nail on the head perfectly. You forgot the 2.8m high concrete fence, man held for 22 hours for crossing the road, snipers, massive violations of human rights and oh it is all too much.

I was made an excluded person, and the high court challenge I ma mounting may take the rest of my life.

It has been insane. And appalling. I honestly cannot believe they got away with it.

There was an agreement to regress 15 years, and maybe one day form aspirational targets about carbon emissions.

Apart from that it was an exercise in State control and brutality.

Ashamed to be Australian again.....

Gp ran a very cool independent media centre that is worth having a look at for the other news...