26 August 2007


Hi folks, just quick one from my Auntie's luxury pad in the Midlands. (Eng-al-and) . I've been to London the past few days, done a stint in a suite with my ernest listening face on followed up by frantic typing and organising, battled the rain, the suffocating tube, the monstrous city. But I've also seen that eye-popping fluorescent green countryside that looks like it has been painted, mysterious chalked horses in the hills, a double ring of standing stones, and played a quiz show on the Ps2 that I felt oblided to lose to a 9-year old. Back to the 'dam on Tuesday, I'm enjoying the proximity of things here in the old word, and may get the train to France next week. La di da. By the way, the train from Amsterdam, to Brussles, to London, took about 5.5 hours. Flying back though - about the distance to Melbourne. Half way there with the carbon load. Oh yeh, remind me to tell you about the big push here to 'buy british' and to reject additives, etc,etc.


meririsa said...

OK - tell us about the big push there to 'buy british' and to reject additives, etc,etc!! (Ha ha)
How lovely to country hop! Some more of our friends are contemplating or in the process of moving to europe to work for a stint, and we are wondering if and when we might be able to do the same...? I think it will be 5-6 years away at the least.
Must go feed the bottomless pit...

meririsa said...

Ok, so there was a slightly sarcastic tone to my comment above (to tell us about the big push... etc"), but I am interested... who's leading the push against additives and is it anything to do with Jamie's School Dinners?