9 February 2004

Return of the Yin

That was so funny I thought it deserved another airing. Well its been a full week and clearly noone reading this is interseted in the literatry semantics of what is male versus female in text. Sheesh! Fine. that's just fine.

Well clearly to my mind the notion of male is tied to the idea of "non-expressive" or "low on words" or "__r'kin silent". Because your estwhile Aunty B just CLAMMED UP the second she wondered how on earth to use a self-publishing medium the way a man would. No idea really. Just as well I didn't suddenly morph all the bits that go with blokiness, wouldn't have had a clue what to do with them all.

So I've learnt that gurly might just mean verbose. And I really have no problem with that. There's plenty of words to go around. I mean its not like we're going to run out or anything. Heaven forbid!

Did I mention I've just been at the sly fox? Coupla cocktails on a Monday night really goes a long way towards thinking about the nature of things.

Anyway, its good to be me again. Was kind of thinking a virtual 7-day gender change (evenings only) might be creative way to divert attention from the womb and into the intellect. But no, it wasn't boys and girls. It was a virtual stoppering of the flow. A finger in the dyke, so to speak. Ahem.

Things to come.......
Valium day. The pash palace probably. Reminds me of December quote "everyone likes a pash". They do. Its true.
MY BIRTHDAY. Yaaaaaaaaaaayyy. I'll be older. My car insurance would cost less. If I had a car.
Miss J's birthday. My sister's birthday. My housemate's birhday. My couple-friends birthday(s). A whole bunch of little fishies swimming around in the Cooltown pool. Love to youuse all.

Well, I've got to get my beauty sleep. Keep myself nice and all that.

Sweet dreams bloggy land.

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