2 February 2004

I’m sick of being a girl.

I’m sick of the blood. I’m over the innate desire to keep other people happy. (Or at least not upset). I’m tired of the 28-day cycle of despair, optimism, frenzy, focus, reproductive drive, compulsion, lassitude, ennui, and repeat. I’m fed up with saying something about 7 times to male managers, and watching younger, less experienced guys say the same thing once as if they discovered it yesterday, and guess what? … get listened to. I’m done with the carping, whining tendencies. I’m finished with even being aware of gender issues. Enough.

For the next week you can all address me as Bill Sharp. Tell me, how does a man behave as a denizen of the internet? Post your thoughts, people.

Post scripts: Soul, your art stuff rules, babe.

*explanatory note...a spark for my obession with gender.. Sam Chater is a girl! She writes such detailed, trainspotting-style music reviews on Punch and Judy that I thought she was a he for ages. Go Sam.

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