15 February 2004

Mixed tape geek alert.

Hi Betty Sue. Yes, a timely reminder that I really should spend a bit less time complaining. Do Indian ladies generally not spend a lot of time in public? (excuse my terrible cultural ignorance -- its due entirely to, well, ignorance). Because the ladies here have those beautiful saris with the terribly saucy bit of stomach and waist showing, I would have thought that the female form was not such a huge novelty... Or is the western-ism part of it? Or perhaps just that seemingly inbuilt need for humans to select a class that is considered "other", and make their lives unpleasant? Sounds like the hassling would get very boring. I hope Andrew is being a suitably dutiful husband. Thanks for the updates, with great lashings of irreverance.

And to last night (Valium day), well there was a party, there was good dancey music, the was a Perfect Match homage (perfect snatch, anyone?), and I got a couple of good chat up lines to add to the list. Namely : "Aren't you a bit young to be flirting with me?" Excuse me... who said I was flirting? I just had 4 vodkas in a row, I was trying to stand up and using you as a focal point! And how old are you? I'm not even remotely in the ballpark of "young!" But thanks for giving it a shot anyway. And in case you are gasping in anticipation about whether this went anywhere.... Well, no, they turned the ugly lights on about about 1am. And there would have been problems with border patrol anyway (eastern suburbs resident).

So - to the interesting part. Mixed tapes. Look away now if those words make you go rigid with boredom. In true Nick Hornby style, I am using the technology to make a few cds. (All from my own collection of course- note to corporate music giants scanning blogs). Now, in this instance I'm going for *obvious*. Tracks people know. Not the cooler-than-thou- god I-am-such-a-hard-core-music-fan style, that's just for me in the privacy of my bedroom.

The themes so far are: "Cheesy Pop", "Nu-swamp" and "Retro indie cool" (alt. title: "Oh I remember this one from uni!).
Post your track preferences, if this is your bag, baby. Oh - you may be asked to follow up with the cd.

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