25 February 2004

Life of the Mind
Music, sweet music preserver of sanity. Dan Brodie you are among my favourite Australian men. Music and smells I think both talk to the same section of the brain. Vague recollections its the limbic system, but don't quote me on that. There's the first part of a doco on tonight on the ABC, about emotions. Its called Primal Instincts and is on at 8.30 pm tonight. "For the first time on television, Primal Instincts examines the primitive forces that drive us to acts of creative inspiration, passion, even murder". Here in the bunker there is no ABC TV, so if anyones catches it can they send me a review? Or even stick in on comments here - dont be shy, I'll give ya full credit. I love this shit where science tackles emotion and and trys to hang rationalism on the mystery of existence. The docos are usually done well, and always re-enforce my sense of awe in biology and life on earth, rather than make it "disappear in a puff of logic" (thank you Mr Adams).

And it has occured to me that a casual reader may get a sense that 'ol Aunty B has bit of thing against men. Well she doesn't actually, in fact there are some man-traits that she admires and even emulates. (I did say some). So in the interest of balance, here's some more of my favourite Aussie men:
- Phillip Adams, Leunig, Paul Kelly, Andrew Denton, Don Watson, Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Dale Royce - Rockstar, Tim Flannery, Adam Spencer, Richard Kingsmill, Paul McDermott, Bob Brown.

And non-Oz:
- John Ralston Saul, Henry Rollins, Carl Hiassen, Robbie Williams, Louis deBernieres, Ben Elton, Joss Whedon, Johnny Depp, Tim Robbins, Tom Robbins, Lux Interior, Robert Smith, David Suzuki, David Attenborough, Douglas Adams.

Ther are more. Chicks to come in another edition of BSharp Idol.

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