30 January 2008

Reader requests

Yesterday I had a polite request for more information in response to this post, about the plague of Betty Sue and how I felt like I was the impostor Betty for nearly a whole year. Hopefully "Anonymous" isn't the real Betty or her creepy stalker, but I answered in comments and thought I would copy the exchange here.

Anonymous says:

Please write on your blog exactly how you got around the 'error' message when you tried deleting your profile on classmates.com.

I have been trying to remove my name/profile from classmates.com but can't get past that 'error' message each time i click on "remove membership". It would be a real service, if you let me know exactly how to do this! Thank you!!!!

Bsharp says:

Hi Anonymous,
Sorry but I can't remember. I just messed around until I found another way, rather than the unsubscribe button. (My general approach to life, really.)

I think I had to actually log in to the site itself, and then look for some kind of "edit" option and click "delete profile" or something like that. It probably asked "do you really want to delete your profile?" a few times. - Keep at it.

Anyone else want useful tech/net advice from helpful Aunty B?

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