28 January 2008

Buzz search words

I don't think I've done this here before, but here are some of the terms that have popped up in my stats recently. It just means that this blog pops up in a google listing - so the searchers don't end up visiting. But nevertheless:

"how to say drizzling in spanish"
"lots of verbs"
"rugby toughness cliches"
"big frankie says relax"
"Leyton Hewitt big cock" (my favourite)
"flea fumigation sydney"
"how to get men to do the dishes" (amen sister, email me when you find out)
"erotic sauna Sydney"
"what are the words that make cock get up" (huh?)

Viva la internet.

1 comment:

Stu said...

16% of the searches ever logged by my blog stats counter are for "hot import models".
They appear to all be from the same IP address in Atlanta, Georgia.
I would think that they would have worked out that I didn't have what they were after now so it's probably automated and sends lots of comments to my spam filter.
My site has actually turned up 22 times in a search for "computers internet blog". It must be on about page 1000 of that google search so again I'm guessing spammers.
Nothing as interesting as "Leyton Hewitt big cock" but I'd say I'm happy with that.