6 February 2008

Super sonic

New British Jet could reach Australia in under 5 hours.

That would be so awesome. I mean, if it really was less carbon emissions than the current long-haul flight. And if I ever earn enough to afford a first class fare.

Why do these spin-types always have to go that step too far though? "Day trips to Australasia" - what total bollocks. It would be enough of a miracle for us pilgrimage-making types.. less carbon.. less pain.. less gas from remaining seated for 24 hours. The joy. No view though.

Passengers would have to put up with having no windows, due to problems with heat produced at high speeds.

Instead, designers may put flat screen televisions where the windows would be, giving the impression of seeing outside.

1 comment:

J said...

Yah - you could just pop over for brunch atthat rate :p