22 March 2007

Reasons to be cheerful

1) My team of 4 came 3rd in pub trivia on Tuesday night. Third! We were just one or two points off second which gets you $25 to spend at the bar. It's because our pop and media diva (not me) knew every the real name of every cast member of Beverly Hills 90210. And the Roberta Flack back catalogue. And there was only one cricket question.

2) Blood test results back say I've just got slightly low b12 levels. Not really scary, but haven't heard if there's a gnarly little bacteria down there.

3) Have been swimming at the beach on 4 days out of the last 6.

4) Two new direct requests for work this week. In the meantime didn't get a tender that was put in under competitive conditions, but it's nice to be asked without competitors, no?

5) Have been sharing the flat with the irrepressible Mr B since October. (thats nearly 5 whole months, some kind of record I think). His mad Aquarian stars are lining up and throwing out all kinds of interesting opportunities, so hopefully he doesn't feel quite so institutionalised these days.

6) Going to the Melbourne comedy festival over Easter with my crazy sister. We are determinedly not going to talk about work. (much)

Alternative title - Bsharp counts her blessings - one of the keys to happiness, apparently. (At least 5 required, daily).

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