11 March 2007

Its just a jump to the left...

Apart from borrowing from Miss J's series of song lyric-post-titles, just wanted to point you all in the direction of an article from The Age, by Micheal Leunig called "Leftie me"..

It has come to my notice that there is an impressive number of columnists, intellectuals and commentators - mostly serious, highly educated men, who spend much time studying and much energy proclaiming my depraved leftism, carefully combing through my words and my drawings of little ducks, looking for contradictions and moral tumours with a passion and diligence that would seem beyond the call of duty.

. . . there is also evidence of some fierce, kinky desire to strip me naked and administer humiliation - and presumably, having escalated themselves to that threshold, to then disembowel me and eat a piece of my flesh by way of stealing my secret and magical left-wing pixie powers.

But leftism is not an easy or magical ride these days, for despite the fantastic drugs and wild sex, certain new problems have emerged.

Found via Null Device.

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