25 March 2007

famous mates

All the cool kids are apparently on MySpace. Just doing a bit of catching up on the world of musos and comedians to see that both Dave and the Bit by bat kids are going great guns. Rip it Up says of Dave's Adelaide show..
Bloustien is a 'thinking person's comedian' who, via the hilarity of his many dry observations, makes some really interesting points. The addition of a xylophone to help the audience separate fact from fiction was a fun touch and used to great effect throughout the show.

and the Bats, on their first full album on returning from a music festival in Canada, get:
"the best Cure album in the last 2 decades."

bwahahahahaha! Hi Pete! I've got yr Siouxie poster up as the feature of my home office in case you're reading. I use all that stuff you taught me about interesting writing every day now.. Good luck on the Australia tour!

Oh, and also this:
Forget the portly, in-it-for-the-money Pixies reunion. Don't bother with the new Stooges album. Instead, get thee to a store for the Bit By Bats album, where the Melbourians give us energised post-punk rythms mixed with real melodies, lashings of choppy and sometimes vicious guitars mixed with danceable basslines..
from the SMH no less. Aunty B feeling decidedly dowdy right now, the closest I've got to new music recently is some Kaiser Chiefs and Regina Spektor.

Watching: The rain out the window
Reading: Greer (a biography)
Listening to: Jolene (Dolly Parton's original version)

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