14 May 2005

New Look

Yes - its baby poo brown. Welcome to your suburban Primary school colour scheme. That grand service called CommentThis, where some nice young American man provided free hosting for injokes and obscure ABC Tv references seems to have shut down. I was so upset that I have not posted for weeks out of sheer desolation.

Yes its true all. The witty repartee of last February is lost to cyber space. For any new readers (well a girl's allowed to dream ain't she?) a synopsis of the last 18 months of comments.

"I reckon he likes you"
"nah bullshit"
"Yeah, honest he does [insert hilarious banter and many silly puns]"
"Well ok maybe you were right"

"Hey I realise many of my friends are in the neighbouring suburbs but I've become so de-socialised that sometimes I can provide greater attenion spans to the LED screen and optic fibre than to actual flesh and blood humans"
"me too"
"me too"
"hey I'm overeas gimme a break"
"oh, okay, lets go to the pub".

So get to it kids.


Girl Genius said...

nice to have you back, B SHarp

J said...

Ah hilarious, and I thought I was the only technojoe to have lost all their comments in a fit of blog sprucing. At least you have an excuse, mine was a result of random playing with coloured spots and not reading the instructions properly. Entirely own fault. I thought everyone would be enraged at having their ephemeral little postings lost forever. Hmm blog as custodian of friends silly banter - do we have amoral obligation to preserve them? These are the next hard hitting questions of the future my dears. Oh dear, I have over-extended procrastination syndrome, it's like stretching a muscle from over exertion, it renders the brain teder and limp.

btw, Like the brown. If it was tactile I'm thinking it would be velour.