15 May 2005

The little things

If you've read one of the Dirk Gently books this will make more sense to you.

I was walking in Tugun a couple of weekends ago. (Sounds like a Patsy Cline song.. I'm a walk-ing, on the gold coast, on the free-way, just like we used to do.. ). Anyway I was walking along the side of the Gold Coast Highway, to meet some cats from Sydney for dinner. And its about 7.30 pm. and theres a million cars swhooshing past and bugger all pedestrians. Then one of the super bright freeway-grade streetlights clicks off.. - just as I walk under it. Like exactly the moment I pass underneath. And I laugh to myself because this happened in a very funny Douglas Adams book, where it was the work of the God Thor trying to get a woman's attention.

Then, the awfully nice inner-west types who were also visiting the gold coast walked me back to the motel at about 11-ish. As we passed under the same streelight, it just jauntily clicked on again. Nice one.

And then .... a few days later, crossing at the pedestrian crossing on my very own block. You guessed it. Streelight shuts of with a definitive CLICK. Spooky, man.

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meririsa said...

I've read them, and I know exactly what you're on about...