22 April 2004


'Ol "Buzzsaw" Aunty B rides again.... Into the arena to lasso me some more o' them jittery exec-ew-tives. Oh lordy, its like herdin' cats out thar! But this week its been a case o' jumpin' back in the ring and jist giving it another whirl. Fellas watch out, because before you know, that purty little unthreatening-looking lassy will have you dancing like a bear in Russia. You'll be runnin' to Aunty B to ask what to do about that big bad 'ol many-headed snake we call the meedja round these parts.

In other reporting

There has been rapid growth of the proportion of Australian worker in casual or part-time work. This means workers have "low hours and pay rates, limited job security, unpredictable earnings and hours, no paid sick or holiday leave, and limited access to other rights and forms of leave". (Chifley Centre). The report goes on to say how rates of casual employment leap in "feminised" professions like clerical (more than half). And concludes that "over time, an economy dependent upon a larger and larger slice of casual employees will face a deteriorating skills base, lower workforce stability and higher turnover costs. This is both inefficient and inequitable." Amen.

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