6 April 2004

Lists ahoy

New CD's ....
Goldfrapp - Black Cherry. . . Not as many slinky booty-twitching pop gems as I had hoped, but enough to stave the cravings.

Little Birdy - Self-titled EP. Have been playing Relapse on repeat. Sad, I know.

The Sundays - Static and Silence. Ten bucks secondhand. Ten bucks! Well worth it for Summertime, the rest is a bit easy listening. Good for Sunday afternoons.

Robbie Williams - Escapolgy. Total rubbish. Only bought because it was on special and needed party pop songs. None forthcoming . . . anyone want the darned thing?

Living Colour - double CD Vivid and Time's Up. One for the old days, surprisingly still listenable. Remember Love Rears Up it Ugly Head? I'd forgotten.

Cat Power - What would the Community Think. Chan Marshal, indie music's favourite nutter. Not sure yet, giving it a few listens.

Things making Aunty B Cross . . .
The NSW Government. Just don't get me started. But it has to do with:
a) treating things like train travel as a revenue stream rather than an essential service, hence expending the bare mimimum on maintenance and new infrastructure
b) announcing a fantasitic credit rating and a surplus for few years running
c) throwing a giant tanty when the feds pull back on the GST gravy train
d) announding a big old deficit in their 3rd term, to pay for things like rail service repair and extensions
e) paying for the deficit through "belt-tightening" in areas like the Department of Women, The Carnivale multicultural festival, The Migrant Training Scheme, The Towns and Country Water Sewage Recycling Scheme, and the Urban Design Advisory Service.

Are any of these points related, Aunty wonders?

Biggest "dur" moment in the scientific media . . .
"Excessive television viewing may increase risk of ADHD" - University of Washington Researchers

That's Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for the uninitiated. Well HELLO . . . TV is created in 30 second slots. The good scientist in me must note though that the findings have been queried by long-time researchers in this field, and treated with suspicion as being too simplistic. But crumbs any health science finding that ends with "The best thing parents can do is turn the television off and talk to their kids and read to their kids, which is a much more positive activity than watching passive television," is okay in my books. Thanks to Frank Oberklaid, director of the Centre for Community Child Health at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital for that one.

Hey wideyedkid .. doin ya proud!

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