5 April 2004

Swash buckling adventures of Cap'n Bsharp (episode six)

On realising that she was not in possesion of the fabled magnetised pass key that would let her through the barriers of the underground passageway...

In one sweeping glance the fearless B the Blighted took in the 3 members of the enemy crew who were posted at all possible exits ready to ambush the unwary adventurer. Quelling a moment of panic her seasoned campaigner's mind took over and she sighted a likely getaway route from the subterranean cavern. Avast ! Over there, the wee landlubber in the chambray shirt. See - he hesitates as he fumbles for his own legitimate pass to the freedom of the sunlit world above. Like quicksilver she sidled up behind him and most casually strode through the barrier within a hair's breadth of those unforgiving jaws as they clamped shut with menacing clunk, right behind her most shapley and pert posterier. And right beneath the noses of the be-bagded servants of the evil lord C Rail! Triumph again, and mistress B supresses a grin and verily skips up the stone staircase to spend another day wrestling with the forces of darkness and mediocrity in the dirty ship of fools governing the Emerald City.

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